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How can I find the highest z-index within a document no matter what tags they are?

I found this code but I tested it and it does not work,

//include jQuery.js --  visit: http://jquery.com/
    var maxZ = Math.max.apply(null,$.map($('body > *'), function(e,n){
                return parseInt($(e).css('z-index'))||1 ;

Any better approach to do this?


It seems to work if I change the code to this,

$('body *')

$('body > *') --> is for div only I guess.
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great question man! I always like to understand the code rather than resort to plugins first. –  CodeSlayer2010 Nov 11 at 16:14

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This isn't the most efficient solution, but it should work. jsFiddle.

Please note you have to have a position specified in order for the z-index to return a value.

var highest = -999;

$("*").each(function() {
    var current = parseInt($(this).css("z-index"), 10);
    if(current && highest < current) highest = current;

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you are right. thanks for the answer. –  tealou Jul 16 '13 at 21:04
this jQuery statement worked for me. thanks –  CodeSlayer2010 Nov 11 at 16:13

This seems to work:

var maxZ=0;
    if($(this).css('zIndex') > maxZ) maxZ = $(this).css('zIndex');

jsFiddle example

I think one of the issues with the code you posted is that you're only checking for absolutely positioned elements.

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awww beautiful! –  tealou Jul 16 '13 at 21:03

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