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I got a neo4j HA setup here with two instances in two differente machines + one embedded running in yet another machine.

Neo4j version is 2.0.0-M03.

Here are my

First instance:

keep_logical_logs=50M size

Second instance:

keep_logical_logs=50M size

and in the embedded one ( I use these properties


Now, I do a ./neo4j start at and and everything works. The cluster is up.

From there, when I start my java project, the embedded neo4j gets in the cluster. When I stop it, it gets out. No problem. If I change anything from the embedded database, the changes are reflected on every member. If I open's webadmin and change something from there, it's also reflected on my embedded database.

BUT, if I do anything on's webadmin, it gives me a timeout error.


Timeout waiting for cluster to elect master

java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke('s webadmin is still perfectly fine, and the embedded database too. I can still make changes to one and see it reflected in the other, but I can't do anything from

Is that supposed to happen? Am I missing something? ):


I found some problems with the addresses. "postgresdb" will map to AT 222 but to at 187. And I didn't use the hostname anywhere, but somehow it went with the hostname and that was causing a problem with 187 trying to connect to

To correct that, I added        neodb1        neodb2

to and and changed all the properties to point to neodb1 and neodb2 instead of and

BUT, that didn't solve the initial problem, I'm afraid.

The "messages.log"s are big, so I put them on pastebin (and hastebin since pastebin complained about heavy load when I was pasting the third one), but here they are: - 187 - 222 - embedded

I should probably also mention that was just a test machine and the real embedded database (which now is in use) also runs at Though I don't think that will make any difference.

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Would you be able to attach the log file which you can find at 'data/graph.db/messages.log' for each of the neo4j instances?

I've seen that error happen if a machine incorrectly announces its hostname/IP address when it joins the cluster but your configuration at first glance looks ok to me so it'd be interesting to see what's actually going on.


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I'm afraid I don't have access to those PC's on this weekend, but this monday I'll update my answer with the logs. – Doodad Jul 20 '13 at 13:56
Sorry for taking so long. Updated the answer with some new things and the logs. (Oh, and also, lol, "this monday I'll update my question**", not answer. Damn brains with bugs.) – Doodad Jul 22 '13 at 23:02
Hey I couldn't see the original error message that you mentioned in any of the messages.log that you provided unless I totally missed it. Could you go to the web admin at this url: localhost:7474/webadmin/#/info/org.neo4j/High%20Availability Change the hostname of course and paste in the contents of that page? Mark – Mark Needham Jul 23 '13 at 22:59
Hey, I'm sure I tried a random cypher query just to make sure the exception would be at the logs. Are you sure that kind of problem should appear in the messages.log? D: Also, the one with problems is the one at 187. It returned this when I went to that page on webadmin Should I do that for the other standalone instance as well? – Doodad Jul 24 '13 at 17:18
Hey, Sorry I didn't get any notifications on this and now your two hastebin links have expired. Could you ping me on twitter @markhneedham or email m.h.needham at the gmail and attach all the logs and I'll look at it further. Sorry for the delay, Mark – Mark Needham Aug 8 '13 at 12:22

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