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I have a table listing that is pulled from a mysql query. I have put a textbox and a button to take a search query. I'm not sure how to take the query and then do a backend query. Basically I want to update the table listing to match the query. What is the process to do this? I'm using codeigniter but I just need to understand how to do this with regular html/php. Some direction would be great.

I added some javascript to do a get on the button click.



        url: "tablelist/searchquery/" + $('searchquery').val()


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Rather than implement yourself, I would try on of jQuery's search plugins. Here is a good list of them.

Basically, you make the ajax call and in the callback update the results.

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I have used #6 from that list: jQuery quicksearch plugin. It's very easy to use. @philfry once you use one of these plugins, you don't need to perform another back-end query since the quicksearch plugin performs a search on the table that you have already generated using a MySQL query. – Maximus2012 Jul 16 '13 at 21:04
ok thanks. That seems much easier!. I will give it a try. – philfry Jul 16 '13 at 23:12

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