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I'm trying to place numbers in the same column of a matrix with different roundings. However, whenever I try, the numbers with the less precise roundings have a bunch of zeroes tacked on. How do I fix this?

> b <- matrix(nrow=2, ncol = 2)
> b[1,1] <- 20
> b[2,1] <- 4.42
> b
      [,1] [,2]
[1,] 20.00   NA
[2,]  4.42   NA
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That is because you are combining a bunch of integers with a bunch of doubles (think decimal points). Whenever you combine two different types of values in R, it will bring them all up to one type. In this case doubles. That is why your 20 looks like 20.00. Simple answer is you can't have both 20 and 4.42. Plus, why would you want to?

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