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I wrote rake tasks in my rails apps to fetch information for a list of products from another website. I want to add the functionality to click a button on my products page that will run the rake tasks and update. So far I've added an action to my ProductsController:

def get_info
  system "rake fetch_prices &"
  flash[:notice] = "Fetching info for Products"
  redirect_to index_url

Then my index view has:

<%= link_to "Get info", my_rake_task_path, :method => 'put' %>

As for the route I'm stumped. Based on other tutorials I added:

put 'rake_task' to: 'productscontroller#get_info' :as 'my_rake_task'

Then I get an error in the routes file when I try to start up the server.

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Please answer as correct if it helped you. thx :) –  Lichtamberg Sep 19 '13 at 12:43
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