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I have text BGP RIP file and its in GBs and i am not able to open in my system and i need to analyze the different parameters such as IP and its pool .

Is there any command that i can save initial logs into another file.

such like

head -5 routes

which will display the initial 5 lines but i like to save that lines in to another file.

I tried this also

head -5 routes -> newfile

but not work

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Do you mean head -5 routes > anotherfile? –  Barmar Jul 16 '13 at 21:52

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Just for completeness,

head -5 routes > newfile

will redirect standard output to newfile, newfile will be overwritten.

head -5 routes >> newfile

will redirect standard output to append to newfile, i.e, the previous content of newfile will still be there, new content will be appended.

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The correct syntax to redirect output is:

head -5 routes > newfile

This should be in every Unix shell tutorial.

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yes its working –  user2536319 Jul 16 '13 at 22:10

Also take a look at the split command. It can break the file up into multiple smaller files for you.

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