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I am looking to add a few libraries to Eclipse CDT (latest version 8.2). However under the project -> properties -> c/c++ build -> settings....There is no tool settings tab where I can configure my include files and the linker like I see with so many other tutorials online. What appears is what is shown below. Is this new for the newest version of the eclipse CDT or did something get configured improperly in the download. Thanks for the help.

Pic of Eclipse

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Go to Project Properties -> C/C++ Build -> Builder Settings -> (x) Generate Makefiles automatically then the tool settings tab under Settings will appear

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enter image description hereIncludes, symbols, libraries, and other references should be under "C/C++ General" | "Paths and Symbols" (I'm using Juno)

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Same Problem here, with KEPLER. I switched C/C++ Build->Builder Settings->Builder type to "External Builder" and closed the properties window. When reopening properties the C/C++ Build->Settings->Tool Settings Tab was aviable.

Edit: If the "External Builder" switch is disabled, it can help to change the toolchain settings. By switching to e.g. MinGW and back, the switch becomes accessible.

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