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Let say I have already 4 peers connected to the publisher and I want to drop new connections (for game development stuff, like players).

I tried this:

stream.client.onPeerConnect = function( s:NetStream ):Boolean
 return stream.peerStreams.length + 1 <= 4;

It doesn't transmit data but tells 'NetStream.Connect.Success' to the subscriber (expecting 'NetStream.Connect.Failed' or 'NetStream.Connect.Closed').

Also tried this: (at NetStatusEvent.NET_STATUS listener of NetConnection class)

 case 'NetStream.Connect,Success':
  if(stream.peerStreams.length > 4)
   evt.info.stream.close(); break;
  // setup a new stream for receive data from evt.info.stream.farID (or Peer ID) //

It closes that connection but before that happens publisher can send some data (audio, video, user) which is I don't like.

Any ideas?

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The NetConnection class has a property called maxPeerConnections which you should be able to set to 4 (default is 8). This will make it so the 5th incoming connection doesn't even receive a NetStream.Connect.Success which is what I believe you want


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Works like a charm. Thanks! –  Victor.Palyvoda Jul 17 '13 at 10:52

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