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I am facing an issue where my graph is tree layout and looks fine initially. However, if I choose to change GraphSource upon user input/ clicks using PopulateGraphSource like in the OrgChart example, I get all the nodes stacked on top of each other with no links and all in corner.

I tried resetting graphSource by creating a new one

this.graphSource = new GraphSource();

I also tried to use the Clear method for GraphSource. Neither did solve the problem, I keep having the same issue.

I am using

ObservableCollection<Node> hierarchicalDataSource;

to fill up my GraphSource object.

All I do is create a new one and then call



Similar issues: question in telerik support , telerik support different question

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Could you please provide more details about this issue? I mean may be some xaml and code behind or view models will be helpful to better understand the context of the problem. – Sevenate Jul 23 '13 at 22:46

Try calling the Layout method on the diagram control. Here is a little fragment of code

TreeLayoutSettings settings = new TreeLayoutSettings()
            TreeLayoutType = TreeLayoutType.TreeDown,
            VerticalSeparation = 60,

        if (this.diagram.Shapes.Count > 0)
            this.diagram.Layout(LayoutType.Tree, settings);
            //this.diagram.Zoom = 1;
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thanks for your reply. I was short in time and already switched to programmatically create the grid and assign graphsource – Saher Ahwal Jul 26 '13 at 23:08

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