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I want to create a program that displays the clock in hexadecimal ( format) in place of the current time. I know that it is possible to set a custom string in that location in the file under the SBFakeTimeString key, but it only updates when the status bar is refreshed (ie goto/from springboard). Erica Sadun's MakeItMine app updates it instantly, but I am unable to find any source code. I have found the dlsym/GSSendAppPreferencesChanged function (, but when executed, erases the .plist. Is this even the correct way to go or should I use some sort of WinterBoard hack?

EDIT: I know of the setBanner program from Erica Sadun, but everytime I run it it always outputs "Killed"

iPod Touch 1st Gen, 3.1.1

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Sounds like you want to make a mobile substrate tweak. Dump Springboard's headers and find the part that updates the time in the status bar, hook that function and have it display your own time.

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