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I Have written a customized Annotation Processor as follow to display the value of the Note Annotation. But the Message is displayed either at the Class or the method that the annotation is used. Is there anyway can that message be displayed right beside the @Note annotation?

Print Message


    public class AnnotationProcessor extends AbstractProcessor {

    private Filer filer;
    private Messager messager;

    private ArrayList<String> invariantArray;
    private ArrayList<String> preArray;
    private ArrayList<String> postArray;

    public void init(ProcessingEnvironment env) {
        filer = env.getFiler();
        messager = env.getMessager();

        // Declaration of Array
        invariantArray = new ArrayList<String>();
        preArray = new ArrayList<String>();
        postArray = new ArrayList<String>();

    public boolean process(Set<? extends TypeElement> annotations,RoundEnvironment env) {

        Set<? extends Element> elements = env
        for (Element e : elements) {
            Note note = e.getAnnotation(Note.class);            
            messager.printMessage(Kind.ERROR, "Note :" + note.value(), e);

        return true;


Note Annotation

@Target({ElementType.TYPE, ElementType.METHOD, ElementType.CONSTRUCTOR, ElementType.PACKAGE, ElementType.FIELD})
public @interface Note {
     String value();
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