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I am learning about Objective-C/Cocoa and have downloaded the source code to a popular TeX typesetter and loaded up the project in XCode to play around with it. Compiling fails, and all of the error messages I have seen (so far) have to do with something called NSSharingServicePicker not being recognized. I gather (from this SO question and this Apple documentation page) that this is a class not available in 10.7.x. It therefore makes sense why the code won't compile on my Lion machine.

My question is, I guess, why I am able to run the downloaded package of TeXShop on 10.7 at all? (According to the website, this version is for OSX 10.7 and up.) I am interested in making a few minor changes to this project; am I not able to check my changes/compile unless I'm using a Mountain Lion machine? Is there some kind of update I can download for coding/compiling purposes?

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Assuming you are using Xcode 4.6.*, you should be able to set your project to use the 10.8 SDK and get past the compile errors. (That's the "Base SDK" build setting.)

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Thanks. I did have to update my version of XCode. –  RussH Jul 17 '13 at 2:18

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