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Is something like the following valid?

TransactionReport := WATableReport new
            rows: SpendingManager instance entriesForPosting asArray;
        columns: (OrderedCollection new    
        add: (WAReportColumn 
                    renderBlock: [ :each :html | (html submitButton 
                            callback: [ SpendingManager removeTransaction: each. self renderReport ];
                            text: 'Backout Transaction')]
                    title: '');

It does actually render the submit button with each row, but clicking it doesn't appear to do anything.

I've been able to kinda of accomplish this, though it's not as pretty as a button:

add: (WAReportColumn new 
                title: '';
                valueBlock: [:anEvent | 'delete'];
                clickBlock: [ :each | SpendingManager instance removeTransaction: each]);

Would still love some feedback.

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Submit Buttons that do nothing are most likely not inside a form tag. So can you check if your report works if you embed it into a html form: [] block?

If a form is not an option, you can replace the submit buttons with anchors. You can use css to make anchors look like buttons if that aspect is important.

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