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I'm trying to add a horizontal grid to a bwplot. My original plot is done with

bwplot(values~ind, prices,ylim=c(0,110))

That's coming out fine (except no grid, of course). From the documentation I see an example using panel.grid, although it looks like a magical incantation because I don't really know R that well. I try to adapt the example and enter:

bwplot(values~ind, prices,
       panel = function(...) {
         panel.grid(h=-1, v = 0)
       }, ylim=c(0,110))

Well, that gives me the grid, true, but I no longer see my data!

So what am I doing wrong (and is there any R documentation out there that covers this sort of thing and isn't for gurus?)

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You should call panel.bwplot also within your panel function:

bwplot(values~ind, prices,
       panel = function(...) {
         panel.grid(h=-1, v = 0)
       }, ylim=c(0,110))

Another option is to latticeExtra like :

bwplot(values~ind, prices,axis=axis.grid)
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