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I have 5 select boxes in my form. User can use them to choose a note from 1 to 5. I want to get these chosen notes from the selects punctuality = 5 attention = 3 . . calculate the average and save it on the database. Do I have to create a method in the model and access the params hash? or params hash is only available in controllers?

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You can access params in model. But usually params are accessed in controller. To solve your problem:

First, create a column to save average, I assume your table is called grades:

# generate migration file
rails g migration add_average_to_grades average:float
# update your database
rake db:migrate

Second, in your model calculate average with a callback:

before_save :set_average

def set_average
  self.average = [punctuality, attention ... ].sum / [punctuality, attention ...].size

Third, your controller should remain intact, something like:

def create
  @grade = Grade.new params[:grade]

  if @grade.save
    # handle success
    # handle grade not saved
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Perfect!Thanks! –  user1867204 Jul 17 '13 at 2:45

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