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I have been using actionbar(android native) for a few days(jellybean 4.2). I tried to change the actionbar's height by adding such line in style.xml:


it works fine in landscapemode, but do not work in orientation mode.

in orientation mode, its height was not changed.

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i suggest make a separate actionbar for landscape lol – Giant Jul 17 '13 at 2:29
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You just have to create dimensions for the height of the ActionBar in portrait and landscape mode:


     <!-- dimension for the portrait ActionBar -->
     <dimen name="ab_height">100dp</dimen>


     <!-- dimension for the landscape ActionBar -->
     <dimen name="ab_height">120dp</dimen>

Now you can use these dimensions like this:

<style [...]>
     <item name="android:actionBarSize">@dimen/ab_height</item>
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thanks. For there is not values-land directory in my project. So I create values-land direcory at same level with vlaues directory. and add the dimens.xml as you write, and change the styles.xml. but still it does not work in orientation mode. Did I miss sth? and I omit sth, to actionbar: I just used tab in action bar. and using custom view on tab. – Tony Jul 17 '13 at 3:48

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