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How do I run a .jar executable java file from outside NetBeans IDE? (Windows Vista). My project has a .jar file created by Netbeans. We'd like to run it. Either: how do we run the file or how do we create a 'proper' executable file in NetBeans 6.1?

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Running a jar is as simple as

java -jar filename.jar
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as Laplie said, java -jar your.jar

EXECUTABLE file : see this thread for answers

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One of the best technique to run the jar file or jar jar file

  1. Create the jar file by jar command choose your jar filename Java_Jar_File.jar
  2. Run the jar file us the command like java -jar Java_Jar_File.jar
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You can do it from the command prompt if java isn't in your path by finding the full path to your java install, something like:

C:\java\java.exe -jar C:\jar_you_want_to_run.jar

or if java is in your path:

java.exe -jar jar_you_want_to_run.jar

This will run the jar produced by netbeans.

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Make a BAT file with

java -jar filepath.jar
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I did't make a bat file, but i ran this command on terminal and it worked! Thanks! – Hamed Rajabi May 3 '12 at 9:06

from a command prompt you can run this command: java -jar your_jar.jar.

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First, make sure you set the Main Class in your NetBeans project properties dialog.
Then, you can either

  • Double-click the jar file (This should work on any machine with an installed JRE)


  • Make sure that java.exe is in the path (or replace java below with the fullpath and file name of the executable), put the following in a batch file:
    java -jar filename.jar
    Then you can double-click the batch file instead of the jar (useful if you have people unaccustomed to using naked jar files)


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To run a java jar file its file association should be properly configured. There is a free tool called jarfix to fix all jar file association problems. Run this file to fix all jar issues.

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this is if you want to double click a .jar file in Windows Explorer to run it – George Birbilis Nov 10 at 1:06

In the project properties dialog in NetBeans you need to set the Main Class - otherwise the generated .jar will not be executable. Then, as already indicated, either double clicking on the .jar or the command java -jar will start the program.

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If you have problems with running your jar, make sure you are trying to run your current version to get newest version in Netbeans: GoTo Run Menu --> Clean and build

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How is this answer related to the question ? – Mukul Goel Oct 26 '12 at 9:30

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