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I have an e commerce website (PHP). I want to insert order to openerp when I have order in my e commerce website. I found openerp support XML-RPC to do (https://doc.openerp.com/6.0/developer/6_22_XML-RPC_web_services/#php-example). But I want to know exactly how to do it, because in document I don't find function to do it. I must insert directly to openerp 's database or openerp already have function to do it?

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There is no direct function to do it via XML-RPC. You have to talk to the objects (aka tables such as sales.order) in order to retrieve existing orders or add new ones.

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I afraid of when we want add new order not only insert sales.order but also insert data to some another table. But I can't find any database structure doccument of openerp. –  hoangvu68 Jul 18 '13 at 2:50
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