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I have a Pandas DataFrame like following:

               A              B              C
2            NaN
3            NaN
4            NaN            NaN

I want to get the count of a certain values across columns. So my expected output is something like:

IP          Count 3 #Since this value is there in all coulmns 3 2 2 1

I know how to this across rows, but doing this for columns is bit strange?Help me to solve this? Thanks.

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stack it first and then use value_counts:

In [14]: df.stack().value_counts()
Out[14]:    3     3     2    2    1   
dtype: int64
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Thanks,This is what I expected. –  Nilani Algiriyage Jul 17 '13 at 6:07
df['Counts'] = df[['col1','col2','col3']].groupby(['col1','col2','col3']).transform('count')
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