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I'm using soapUI eclipse plugin.

I open soapUI Navigator and create a new project. On the new project screen, I choose the location of the wsdl to generate test cases from.

After I click 'OK', the plugin starts loading the definitions. This is when it freezes.

I wasn't able to find any thing on the internet besides this 3 year old bug (which is the exact same issue I'm having, you can also see the screen shot of it): http://sourceforge.net/p/soapui/bugs/522/

Does any one know any information regarding what causes it, is there a way around, etc. I'm inside a corporate network, can access internet fine, but there are firewall restrictions etc.

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I still haven't found a solution for this problem. I ended up using the HTTP Monitor plugins in eclipse, which worked fine. –  JackDev Feb 12 at 3:45

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