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I have a code like

<select id="sel1">
 <option label="l1" value="1">Cool</option>
 <option label="l2" value="2">Hot</option>

Now I want to get the value should be either Cool or Hot while changing the value of selected item in jquery. I am trying by querySource = $("#querySource").val(); but this is showing as 1 or 2.

How to do that? could you please let me know? Thanks in advance.

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alert($("#sel1 option:selected").text()); –  Mr_Green Jul 17 '13 at 6:19
Thanks a lot Mr_Green, its working fine. –  Mausumi Jul 17 '13 at 6:22
Please use this code for getting the value $('#sel1 option:selected').text(); –  kuldeep raj Jul 17 '13 at 6:29

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Through .val() you will receive the value of the value attribute. You can fetch the text through .text().

Use this method on your selected option! See this answer!

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but if I do it by using .text() then it is showing the whole <select><option..>...</option></select> which should not be expected –  Mausumi Jul 17 '13 at 6:20

Use option:selected

querySource = $("#querySource option:selected").text();

Also you may use the followings

$("#querySource option").is("selected").text()
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Please use this one :

If you want to get text value : like Cool and Hot then ues this one

$('#sel1 option:selected').text();

If you want to get value : like 1,2 then

$('#sel1 option:selected').val();
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Try this $("#sel1 option:selected").text()

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you can use this

$("#querySource option:selected").text();
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