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I am new to Aptana Studios. I am also new to Ruby and Rails. I have created a new application with Rails by typing command in command line as

rails new test

Now I want to import it in Aptana Studios. In Eclipse while importing an existing Java project, we look for a folder containing .project file and import it. But in Rails application folder I did not find any such folder. So can anyone help me to do that? Thank you.

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You don't need a pre-existing project file, just import the root folder.

File -> New -> Rails Project

Select the location of your existing application and the dialog will change to state that there are existing files and the generator will not be run.

enter image description here

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No it is not working. Whenever I create a new project in Rails it starts to create a new application. But I do not want that. I want the existing application that I have created by Rails to be imported. –  Joy Jul 17 '13 at 7:33
Did you browse to the folder in the location textbox? You should see the message in my screenshot when you do so. The root folder of the application is the one that contains gemfile or rakefile, look for those. –  Matt Jul 17 '13 at 7:39

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