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I'm writing a grammar for a simple language using ANTLR3 C target. I want to attach some data to the AST generated by ANTLR. As the data to attach is small, using the generic void pointer in ANTLR3_BASE_TREE_struct is quite straightforward. The ANTLR3c documentation states that

void * u
Generic void pointer allows the grammar programmer to attach any structure they like to
a tree node, in many cases saving the need to create their own tree and tree adaptors. 

Then I wrote the grammar as below(only a piece of grammar is shown here)

@declarations {
    parser_data_t* data;
    data = HPS_MALLOC(sizeof(parser_data_t));
  :  simpleDatum
            data->candidate = 0;
            $datum.tree->u = data;
        -> ^(I_DATUM simpleDatum)
  |  compoundDatum
            data->candidate = 1;
            $datum.tree->u = data;
        -> ^(I_DATUM compoundDatum)

then I generate the lexer/parser, compiled it and linked it to a main function. When I ran the program, a segment fault occurred. I checked the parser generated by ANTLR and found the problem. The assignment $datum.tree->u = data caused the segment fault because the data structure $datum.tree hadn't been assigned a valid value, so $datum.tree->u is an invalid reference.

What I want is to attach some data to the tree node representing the non-terminal datum, anyone could tell me how to achieve that? I've searched in google and StackOverflow but no answer found.

Thank you!

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