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I search through the net but i didn't find any solution, My problem is that how do I now during update that if a row values has changed or not or if a row is affected?

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use this : $this->db->affected_rows(); – senthilbp Jul 17 '13 at 6:58
That's true and probably is the answer. Just as a side-note: affected_rows() doesn't belong to CI Active Record, It's a part of CI SQL Drivers. – Hashem Qolami Jul 17 '13 at 7:01

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use affected_rows();


Displays the number of affected rows, when doing "write" type queries (insert, update, etc.).

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When we are working with CodeIgniter, the data is only updated when there is some change in the input field's value and then the $this->db->affected_rows() will return a value greater than 0.

Suppose we have two fields, 'name' and 'email'. If we try to submit the form without changing any of the field, then $this->db->affected_rows() will return 0, else it will return 1.

A better approach is to use:

if ($this->db->affected_rows() >= 0) {
    return true; // your code
} else {
    return false: // your code
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