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Currently I have an overflow menu which has default width:

enter image description here

What I want is:

enter image description here

I have tried changing the theme this way:

<style name="MyWorkspaceDetailTheme" parent="@android:style/Theme.Holo.Light.DarkActionBar">

        <item name="android:popupMenuStyle">@style/MyPopupMenu</item>


<style name="MyPopupMenu" parent="@android:style/Widget.Holo.ListPopupWindow">
    <item name="android:dropDownWidth">30dp</item>


but didn't got any success. Please can anyone help.

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I was follwing this[] tutorial but it did not mention way to change width

So i was also looking same answer and been searching for while, All the questions on Stackoverflow was unanswered. Finally i had to dig the to find out a way.

you will find a method setContentWidth(int width) which actually does our work.

Here is the answer

        //.......... Something on top;

        // Try to force some horizontal offset
        try {
            Field fListPopup = menuHelper.getClass().getDeclaredField("mPopup");
            Object listPopup = fListPopup.get(menuHelper);
            argTypes = new Class[] { int.class };
            Class listPopupClass = listPopup.getClass();

            // Get the width of the popup window
            int width = (Integer) listPopupClass.getDeclaredMethod("getWidth").invoke(listPopup);

            // Invoke setHorizontalOffset() with the negative width to move left by that distance
            listPopupClass.getDeclaredMethod("setHorizontalOffset", argTypes).invoke(listPopup, -width);
 /*********** THIS LINE DOSE OUR WORK and increases the width of OverFlow Menu ******/
            listPopupClass.getDeclaredMethod("setContentWidth", argTypes).invoke(listPopup, width+200);

            // Invoke show() to update the window's position
        } catch (Exception e) {
            // Again, an exception here indicates a programming error rather than an exceptional condition
            // at runtime
            Log.w("Soemthing", "Unable to force offset", e);

enter image description here

To this == >

enter image description here

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