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I would ask what will be a good book for C++ but not for quite new to programming .Just new to C++ programming.I have experience in other languages and have programmed but more of web-based programing and backEND.But i want to learn C++ and from all this answers in many sites i entered i can't decide which one is good everyone say this and that.I would like to know which one actually is a good one for a person who alredy have programmed but in diffrent languages.From what i heard Object-Oriented Programming in C++ Fourth Edition - by Robert Lafore is a good choice or Thinking in C++ Vol1 and 2.But most people i think recommend.But i want something that covers basic and advanced.Thank you in advance guys!

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As an instructor who teaches C++, there are a few options that I would recommend:

  • The C++ Programming Language, ISBN-10: 0321958322, ISBN-13: 978-0321958327, Edition: 4. This book makes an excellent reference.

  • C++ Primer, ISBN-10: 0321714113, ISBN-13: 978-0321714114,Edition: 5. Book brings you quickly into the language.

Both are excellent choices (IMO). Good luck!

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