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I want to start using XML-Documentation of my code and am desperately searching for an up-to-date (meaning .NET-3.5 SP1) to do so.

I found NDoc, but it only supports .NET-1.1 and that a little bit far away ;-)

Any suggestions?

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You can try Document! X or Doc-O-Matic.

But it is not free.

Or you can try Doxygen, it's free.

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I really like Doxygen! Nice, clean design, easy to use, not too much overhead. Very nice suggestion, thanks for that! –  Florian Peschka Nov 20 '09 at 10:25
The difference to Sandcastle is that Doxygen reads the source code for documentation, while SandCastle reads the XML generated by the C# compiler (i.e. the C# compiler has already checked the documentation for inconsistencies). Because of that, I don't like Doxygen for .NET, but use it always for C++. However, if you use Doxygen for C#, I still suggest using C# XML document syntax, which is supported fine in Doxygen, just to stay compatible. It may be hard though to get a documentation that resembles VS2008 docs. –  OregonGhost Nov 20 '09 at 10:32
For now, as I'm only playing around with XML-Docs I think Doxygen is fine for that, as I don't document projects that really need it. As soon as things get commercial and I'm doing projects for customers or internal affairs, I will sure stick to a more "professional" approach. But for now, I just want to see fast and clear what XML-Doc does what in the end. I'll keep all yous answers in mind though :) –  Florian Peschka Nov 20 '09 at 10:48
There's nothing unprofessional in Doxygen. It's even way faster than Sandcastle, and needs much less memory. Sandcastle is just the intuitive choice for .NET, since it's what Microsoft uses to build the .NET docs :) The HTML Help 2 (not CHM) output, on the other hand, is a must if you ever need to merge your docs with the Visual Studio docs, like many developer products do. –  OregonGhost Nov 20 '09 at 10:57
I looked into Sandcastle once, saw it and fell back over my chair from complexity... What I mean is that it's not worth it if you're just beginning to learn XML-Doc as such. I don't even understand how to start creating a Doc with Sandcastle... –  Florian Peschka Nov 20 '09 at 10:58

You may want to take a look at Sandcastle Help File Builder.

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SandCastle is the way to go as Konamiman already suggested, but I suggest using DocProject to do the dirty work (you know, someone has to get dirty typically to build a sand castle). It has VS integration as well.

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NDOc is available for other versions as well:

see here --> http://www.kynosarges.de/NDoc.html

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Well, now it's .NET-2.0... I'm writing for 3.5 –  Florian Peschka Nov 20 '09 at 9:40
3.5 is still running on the 2.0 CLR, maybe it's ok :) –  OregonGhost Nov 20 '09 at 9:45

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