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I have an ASP.NET dropdown list control with onclick and onchange JavaScript events. Both work in IE, Mozilla, Opera and Chrome, but not in Safari. When I remove the onclick event, onchange suddenly works.

The reason I use onclick is to get the value of the dropdown list before it changes. Is there a way I can do that without using onclick? That is, get the value of the dropdown list before it changes/a new value is selected? I want to do this in JavaScript only.

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i've replaced the onclick event to onfocus. problem solved. i guess safari dont like onclick event on select element – Jepe d Hepe Nov 20 '09 at 9:45
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Replacing the onclick event with onfocus solved the problem. I guess Safari doesn't like onclick event on select elements.

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Sometimes you need to add preference to the JavaScript function as "javascript:"; for example:

<select onclick="changeDate()">

should be

<select onclick="javascript:changeDate()">
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For me in Chrome, onclick working with second click on select box Where as in FF & IE, its working fine for first click itself.

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