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I'm newbie in Cocos2d-x.

I'm developing a simple game.

I want to move a sprite from the right to the left.

During it moving, i want that sprite hide in a distance in 1s. Sequence: 1s:visible,1s:invisible,1s:visible

Example: it run from position A to D Between A and D we have B and C => ( A->B->C->D) When sprite in A->B it visible, then B->C it'll be hide, then C->D it visible again.

How can i do it?

Thanks for all your helps.

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For show/hide with delay you can use this code (I've wrote it right here, so it may not be compiled after simply copy and paste to your project =) )

float delay = 1f;
CCAction* hideAction = CCHide::create();
CCAction* showAction = CCShow::create();

CCActionInterval* showHideAction = CCSequence::create( CCDelayTime::create(delay),
CCAction* foreverAction = CCRepeatForever::create(showHideAction);


To move your node(sprite in your case) you can use both CCMoveTo and CCMoveBy action. For example

float moveDuration = 5f;
CCPoint targetPos = CCPointMake(someX, someY);
CCAction* moveAction = CCMoveTo::create(moveDuration, targetPos);

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You can use CCSpawn, this can run two actions at the same time.

You can try this code:

CCAction* action = CCSpawn::createWithTwoActions(CCMoveTo::create(1,CCPointMake(x,y)), 


You can use CCRepatForever to run fadein/fadeout, and after move action done, stop this forever action.

Here is the code:

CCSequence* move = CCSequence::create(CCMoveTo::create(3, CCPointMake(1, 1)),
                                      CCCallFunc::create(this, callfunc_selector(SomeClass::some_func)),
CCRepeatForever* forever = CCRepeatForever::create(CCSequence::create(CCFadeIn::create(1),

Here is the callback function (invoked after move action);

void SomeClass:some_func(){
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thank u so much, but i mean that: if it run 3s so it just invisible in 1s, Sequence: 1s:visible,1s:invisible,1s:visible – Tom Jul 17 '13 at 8:10
I'm not clear, sorry, :( – Tom Jul 17 '13 at 8:30

Try this action

CCHide * hideAction = CCHide::create();
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Sprite->runAction(Sequence::create(MoveTo::create(1.0f, Vec2(200,200)),Hide::create(),MoveTo::create(1.0f, Vec2(200,400)),Show::create(),NULL));
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