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I'm trying to put all what belongs to my WPF Commands into one region with ReSharpers Code Cleanup. I've tried following XML inside my working pattern. But this isn't working. I guess the match isn't working. Also I would like to move methods with specific parameters. Is this anyway possible? I'm using ReSharper 7.1.1.

      <ImplementsInterface CLRName="ICommand">
      <ImplementsInterface CLRName="ISimpleCommand">
    <Access Order="public internal protected-internal protected private" />
  <Group Region="Commands"/>
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After a few emails with Jetbrains came out that it is not possible.

A way could be using regular expressions. See here

<Name Is="$val” [IgnoreCase=”true/false”]>  

Regular expression. IgnoreCase indicates whether to ignore case

<HasAttribute CLRName=”$val” [Inherit=”true/false”]>    

Regular expression. Inherit indicates if it applies to inherited classes.

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