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I have a plot as shown below. To this plot i would like to add a similar kind of line plot somewhere within the plot (bottomright or bottomleft). The command for the subplot i am using is

plot( 1:121, sample(1:121),type='l' ) 

It plots right on the top of the first one. I need it as a small plot either at the bottomleft or bottomright. COuld someone help to do this in R?

enter image description here

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op <- par(no.readonly = TRUE)

plot(rnorm(100), runif(100))

par(new=TRUE, oma=c(3,1,1,2))

plot(rnorm(100), runif(100), col="blue", xlab="", ylab="")


enter image description here

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Thanks!! I am looking for a similar kind of thing. But, is there a way so that the coordinates of one plot does not mix-up over the other plot. The subplot can also be located outside the main plot. –  user1779730 Jul 17 '13 at 10:04

If you set the parameter new to TRUE, the canvas will not be cleaned before the next plotting command:

par( new= TRUE )

I leave it to your ingenuity to create a suitable white background and position the new plot :-) Hint: take a look at the omd parameter in the manual for par.

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