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When I search via console sphinx works fine:

index 'dreamsIndex': query 'demo': returned 2 matches of 2 total in 0.017 sec

displaying matches:
1. document=494, weight=1620
2. document=495, weight=1620

1. 'd500': 2 documents, 2 hits

But when I do the same search via php api, I get no results. In fact, $result['total_found'] has the correct value 2, but $result['matches'] is empty.

   $sphinx = new SphinxClient();
   $sphinx->SetServer("localhost", 9312);
   $result = $sphinx->Query("demo","*");
   if ($result===false) echo "Error: ".$sphinx->GetLastError();
   else {
       if ($sphinx->GetLastWarning()) echo "Warning: ".$sphinx->GetLastWarning();
            echo "Total found: ".$result['total_found']."\r\n";                                      
            if (sizeof($result['matches'])) {                          
                      foreach ($result['matches'] as $val) {
                       echo "id = ".$val['attrs']['id']."\r\n";

Actually $result['matches'] doesn't even exist. There is $result['attrs'], but it's empty.

Here is how $result looks like (link)

I'm confused.

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Can you include a print_r of the whole $result structure? Maybe use pastebin.com rather than add it all here. –  barryhunter Jul 17 '13 at 12:08
Solved it. The problem was in incorrect $sphinx->SetLimits which I didn't post here (should've posted). –  soin08 Jul 18 '13 at 6:49

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