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We're adding a ref parameter to stories published from our custom Open Graph Action. The story's main link includes the fb_ref parameter as expected, but links to the graph Objects appearing in the story do not. The same goes to all other facebook generated parameters in Link Referer Parameters

Our current workaround is to re-create the Objects every time a story is published and stuff the ref parameter directly in the link. This approach works but it clearly not optimal.

Is there a better workaround?

EDIT: Adding code sample per commenter's request:

@api = Koala::Facebook::API.new(fb_token)
ref = "transaction__#{self.id}"
graph_products = products.map { |product| product.create_open_graph_object(fb_ref: ref) rescue nil }.compact
og_id = @api.graph_call('/me/objects/MY_NAMESPACE:purchase', {
        'object' => {
          'title' => purchase_og_title,
          'image' => purchase_og_image,
          'url' => "http://MY_URL/redirect?url=#{@merchant.website_url}&fb_ref=#{ref}",
          'description' => @merchant.description,
          'data' => {
              'products' => graph_products
      }, 'POST')["id"]

og_action_id = @api.graph_call('/me/MY_NAMESPACE:make', {
    :purchase => og_id,
    'fb:explicitly_shared' => 'true',
    :ref => ref
}, 'POST')["id"]
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can you show your codes? –  Raptor Jul 17 '13 at 9:25
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