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How can I remove the new line before the prompt. I don't exactly know how to formulate the question, so here's an example.

I want to pass from

%> echo "hello world"
hello world


%> echo "hello world"
hello world%>

I tried sed 's/\\n//' to subtitute the new line. Even with \\r and with tr. Maybe the cut fonction will be accurate ??

echo -n method I get

  %> echo -n "hello world"
  hello world%                     #note the new character % just appeared
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You can use the -n switch that will not add the eol

echo -n "hello world"
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You can simply do this,

printf "hello world"
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Or, better: printf '%s' "hello world". (Don't pass an arbitrary first argument to printf - things can get interesting.) –  michaelb958 Jul 17 '13 at 11:53

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