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I have a table

ID | Name | RollNO
1  | A    | 18
2  | B    | 19RMK2
3  | C    | 20

My second table is

OldRollNo | NewRollNo
18        |  18RMK1
19        |  19RMK2
20        |  20RMK3
21        |  21RMK4
22        |  22RMK5

I want the resulting table like

ID | Name | RollNo | LatestRollNo
1  | A    | 18     | 18RMK1
2  | B    | 19RMK2 | 19RMK2
3  | C    | 20     | 20RMK3

What would be the select query like? This is just the replica of my problem. I have used CASE Statement with the select query but as the records in my table is large, it's taking too much time. In my second table the OldRollNo Column is unique.One more thing is that in the resultant RollNo column if the newly assigned RollNo is already present then it should be copied exactly to the next column i.e LatestRollNo. I have to check only those RollNo which are old. Thanks.

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Try something like this:

select t1.ID
  , t1.Name
  , t1.RollNO
  , LatestRollNO = coalesce(n.NewRollNo, o.NewRollNo)
from t1
  left join t2 o on t1.RollNO = o.OldRollNo
  left join t2 n on t1.RollNO = n.NewRollNo

SQL Fiddle with demo.

It sounds like your issue is performance not logic; something like this should hopefully allow approriate index usage assuming you have the appropriate indexes on t2.OldRollNo and t2.NewRollNo.

The problem with OR or CASE in a WHERE clause is that these don't always lend themselves to efficient queries; hopefully this will be a bit more useful in your case.

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I liked this one. Now that's what separates the best from the rest. :) –  Sumit Roy Jul 17 '13 at 10:32
select f.ID,, f.RollNo, s.NewRollNo as "Latest RollNo"
from FirstTable f 
inner join 
SecondTable s on f.RollNo = s.OldRollNo or f.RollNo = s.NewRollNo
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select,,t.rollno,tt.newrollno as latestrollno from
talble1 t
left join
table2 tt on t.rollno = tt.oldrollno
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You need to use inner join.

SELECT t1.ID,t1.Name,t2.RollNo,t2.NewRollNo AS LatestRollNo
FROM Table1 t1
INNER JOIN Table2 t2
ON t1.RollNo=t2.OldRollNo OR t1.RollNo=t2.NewRollNo
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