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i have a rails web app working great.i want detect when a user log in for first time.i know i can do this using Devise but how to implement it without Devise.i know i can set some flag in session,but how i can use it to detect the first time log in.i have the current_user and the user table where i can add one more column such as login_count and i can increment it every time when the user login.is it a good idea or any other way to get the first time login.

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In case you don't want to include gem, then the better idea is to save in a column (ex: login_count)against the record.

Else Devise a best idea to keep sign_in_count

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thanks @Debadatt,both the anwers are indentical and i think this is the only best way to detecting first time or nth times login by a new column and then using it. –  r10 Jul 17 '13 at 11:40

Devise itself uses a sign_in_count column on it's users table, and that's what it uses to detect a first login, so yes, it's a good idea.

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