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I have recently added a multi-language support to my jQuery-mobile/PhoneGap app using this great repo on gitHub.

It uses firebase and angular.js to bind all the language dependant labels and texts in my app to the currently selected language, like in this example:


However, there are some language-dependant texts in my app that cannot be simply bound to language data, I have found this so far:

<select id="sel" data-role="slider">
    <option value="off">{{getWord("SELECT_OFF")}}</option>
    <option value="on">{{getWord("SELECT_ON")}}</option>

The <option> element doesn't allow to bind it's text to the data (the rendered text is empty). I don't know why. I tried to test whether something like this could work:

<option value="off">{{1+2}}</option>

and yes, it displayed number 3 in the slider.

The angular.js part looks like this:

function LanguageCtrl($scope) {

    $scope.words = JSON.parse('{}');

    $scope.addWord = function(Name, Value) {
        $scope.words[Name] = Value;

    $scope.getWord = function(Name) {
        return $scope.words[Name];

var ref;
var refLang;
var onLangChange;

$(document).on("pageinit", "#mainPage", function(event) {
    ref = new Firebase('https://username.firebaseio.com/');
    ChangeLangTo("En"); //default lang

function ChangeLangTo(lang) {
    if (onLangChange !== undefined && onLangChange !== undefined) {
        refLang.off('child_changed', onLangChange);

    refLang = ref.child(lang);

    //reading once all words
    refLang.once('value', function(dataSnapshot) {
        var lang = dataSnapshot.val();
        angular.element($("#mainPage")).scope().$apply(function(scope) {
            $.each(lang, function(key, value) {
                scope.addWord(key, value);

    //listening to changes
    onLangChange = refLang.on('child_changed', function(childSnapshot, prevChildName) {
        angular.element($("#mainPage")).scope().$apply(function(scope) {
            scope.addWord(childSnapshot.name(), childSnapshot.val());

The JSON from firebase that is parsed into that variable is very simple, like:

    "Cz": {

    "En": {

I think that the <button> element won't work, too. And there are some cases of setting an element text via an attribute, like in this case:

<ul data-filter-placeholder="Search items..."></ul>

I would like to make this work, too:

<ul data-filter-placeholder="{{getWord("SEARCH_ITEMS")}}"></ul>

I am very new to angular.js, can someone please explain me how to make this work? I have read some documentation on HTML SELECT element with angular data-binding, but do not quite understand how to apply it.


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