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I'm trying to create a dynamic tag cloud using jquery, I want it to pull the keywords from the page and then spit them out in a div, but am not sure how to go about it - I know how I could do it if it were php, but just not so good at jquery.

I've created my variable "keywords"

var keywords = jQuery("meta[name=keywords]").attr("content");

Now how do I go about doing a foreach for it to append the div "tagCloud" like this:

<div class="tagCloud" id="tagCloud">

  Keyword 1 \n
  Keyword 2 \n
  Keyword 3 \n


and so forth.. if someone could help me, that'd be fantastic :)

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Assuming you want the cloud keywords to be links (anchors):

$($('meta[name="keywords"]').attr('content').split(',')).each(function(i, el) {
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I'd do this :

   var all = "";
      all += jQuery(this).attr("content") + "\n";
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