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I'm about to do a simple quiz. I wan't to print all the questions out in one page, with a well formatted layout like:

Question 1
Answer 1
Answer 2

Question 2
Answer 1
Answer 2

I'm currently working on following code:

$get_qa = $mysqli->query("
    a.question AS question,
    a.id AS qid,
    b.answer AS answer,
    b.qid AS aqid (related to: question id)
FROM rw_questions a
LEFT OUTER JOIN rw_qanswers b ON a.id = b.qid");

while($qa = $getqa->fetch_assoc()){
    echo $qa['question'].$qa['answer'];

This will result in a messy list. But how do i improve this like, what i wrote at the top? Any help is cool! I would guess i need to improve it with foreach or something like that?

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Build 2 arrays, one of them 2-dimensional


questionId    question        answer
         1    sky has color?  blue
         1    sky has color?  red
         2    what is?        answer 1

save in an array like this:

$questions[1] = "sky has color?";
$answers[1][0] = "blue";
$answers[1][1] = "red";
$questions[2] = "what is?";
$answers[2][0] = "answer 1";


$questions = array();
$answers = array();

// Take every row
while($qa = $getqa->fetch_assoc()) {
    // Add questions
    // $question[1] = "sky has color?";
    $question[$qa['qid']] = $qa['question'];

    // If no answers have been set yet, init an array
    if (!is_array($answers[$qa['qid']]) {
        $answers[$qa['qid']] = array();

    // Add answers
    // $answers[1][] = "blue";
    // $answers[1][] = "red";
    $answers[$qa['qid']][] = $qa['answer'];

then loop it:

// Loop $questions array
foreach ($questions as $qid => $question) {
    echo "<p>Question: " . $quesion . "</p>";

    // Loop $answers[questionId] array
    foreach ($answers[$qid] as $answer) {
        echo $answer . "<br />";

This answer can be improved but should work and give you a good kickstart.

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thanks alot for your answer. However when i am trying your code nothing is being printed. It's a bit hard to bugtrace the code, when it's not in depth being explained :P Do you have an idea what might be wrong there? :) – simond Jul 17 '13 at 13:30
Added explanation and comments – DanFromGermany Jul 17 '13 at 14:03
Hmm. Still seems that i can't get this code to work. Thank you very much for the comments, that helped a lot. It is still not printing anything out :/ – simond Jul 18 '13 at 11:52
what happens when you do this: while($qa = $getqa->fetch_assoc()){ print_r($qa); } – DanFromGermany Jul 18 '13 at 12:09
If i try to print the $qa variable it returns an array with the questions, and only one answer for each question :) – simond Jul 18 '13 at 13:50
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This actually answered my question: PHP & MYSQL: using group by for categories

I'm shure DanFromGermany's solution worked, if i had the time to tweak it a littlebit :)

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