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I have this script test.sh

( cd . && sleep 5000 )

I execute with ./test.sh & and then run ps lax | grep test.sh

I now have 2 processes running...

0  1000  6883  6600  20   0  10600  1332 -      S    pts/2      0:00 /bin/bash ./test.sh
1  1000  6884  6883  20   0  10604   704 -      S    pts/2      0:00 /bin/bash ./test.sh
  • Why do I have two processes running and where does the second process come from?
  • Why don't I have two processes if I remove the cd ".." from the command?

Thanks for any explanation, I just don't get it and I think I'm lacking some basics here... or is this some vodoo? ;)

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Grouping a series of bash commands inside parenthesis will execute them in a sub-shell.

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I didn't notice that this answer came 1 mins before my post. :) removed mine and +1 yours. –  Kent Jul 17 '13 at 12:56

Writing two commands together might pose some difficulties for Terminal to detect the commands. Perhaps you could split it up into 2 commands.

cd ...

sleep 5000
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There is no difficulty. Parentheses for a subshell, and ps is reporting both processes. Executing a command line this is useful for when you want to temporarily change the working directory without worrying about changing back to the original working directory. –  chepner Jul 17 '13 at 13:11

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