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I have a Facebook canvas application where users can post items, and I use the Facebook Comments Plugin to add a comments section for each item.

When someone post a comment on regular Facebook, the thread refreshes automatically for other users who has it opened in their browser, and a notification is sent to users who have commented in that thread but don't have it open at the moment. Is there a way to get Facebook to do the same with the comment sections in my app?

I'm aware of FB.Event.subscribe, and I know I can send those notifications myself using GraphAPI in the Java server-side of my app, but I prefer, if possible, to let Facebook do it because I don't want notifications sent to users who have the comments section opened.

Also, I want the user who posted the item to get notified for comments posted in the thread associated with that item even if that user didn't post any comments in there. Is there a way to do it using GraphAPI or something?

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