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I have created a login application which allows a user to type in a username and password, when the user clicks the submit button the client makes an rpc call to the server which does a MySQL query to see if the username and password are valid. I have done some googling around and found a bunch of tutorials that have tried to explain how to deploy my gwt app onto a tomcat server with mysql hooked up but so far nothing has worked.

So far i have downloaded WAMP and tomcat 7 on a windows 7 machine. i added this tag

"user username="admin" password"123456" roles="manager-gui" /" (there are <> around it insead of "")

to the bottom of the tomcat-user.xml file. then i added the jdbc connecter to the tomcat lib folder, then i compiled my project by right-clicking it in eclipse and clicking google > gwt-compile (the compiling is done on a mac osx machine), i then copy the contents of the war file to my windows 7 machine and compress them to a .zip format. i then rename the file to login.war, I then start the tomcat server and go to the manager gui and deploy the war file by browsing for the .war file and clicking deploy. when i try and navigate to the app the login screen loads perfectly but it does not allow you to login as the mysql service is not setup.

Can someone please steer me in the right direction to get my app deployed onto a servlet container with mysql hooked up.

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any ideas of what i can do? –  lufthansa747 Jul 18 '13 at 20:40
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