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I'm trying to put a "scroll up" button on my website, and for some reason it isn't working correctly. The button does appear on the page, but for whatever reason whenever I attempt to click it it just redirects me to the front page of the site. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong.

$(function(){$.fn.scrollToTop=function(){$(this).hide().removeAttr("href");if($(window).scrollTop()>="100"){$(this).fadeIn("slow")}var scrollDiv=$(this);$(window).scroll(function(){if($(window).scrollTop()<="1000"){$(scrollDiv).fadeOut("slow")}else{$(scrollDiv).fadeIn("slow")}});$(this).click(function(){$("html, body").animate({scrollTop:0},"slow")})}}); 
#toTo_button { width:70px;text-align:center;padding:5px;position:fixed;bottom:10px;right:12px;cursor:pointer;color:#666;text-decoration:none; } 
#ups a img { opacity:0.7; -moz-opacity:0.7; filter:alpha(opacity=70); } 
#ups a:hover img { opacity:1.0; -moz-opacity:1.0; filter:alpha(opacity=100); } 
<div id="ups"> 
<a href="/" id="toTo_button"><img src="http://full4dl.ucoz.com/Support/ups.png" alt="" /></a> 
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Are You calling the function based on the click event ? –  Arun Jul 17 '13 at 14:04
You really should format and indent your code better. Also, use jsfiddle.net to prepare an example that people can easily run and edit. –  jnylen Jul 17 '13 at 14:06
Did any of our code help? If so, could you mark one as the solution, or let us know what happened when you tried to run it. Thanks! –  David Ziemann Jul 18 '13 at 14:22

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You have to prevent the default action when you click the anchor, as <a href="/" ... will surely redirect to the home page:

$(function () {
    $.fn.scrollToTop = function () {
        if ($(window).scrollTop() >= "100") {
        var scrollDiv = $(this);
        $(window).scroll(function () {
            if ($(window).scrollTop() <= "1000") {
            } else {
        $(this).click(function (e) {
            e.preventDefault();         // ding ding ding
            $("html, body").animate({
                scrollTop: 0
            }, "slow")
$(function () {
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You have a couple issues with your code.

First, you have to trigger the function by binding it to a click event.

$('#toTo_button').click(function(event) {
    //do your scroll magic here

Secondly, when you trigger that click event, you should pass the event and call event.preventDefault(). This prevents the browser from automatically calling a redirect.

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