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I am trying to get the LastLogin information from AD at my work. I have about 1200 accounts. When i run a Query and include the LastLogin information, for about 40 - 45% of the accounts, i get a correct Date returned. For the others, i get a default value. Which could be 01-01-1601 or 01-01-1970, depending on what kind of conversion i use. When i use the very slow: Net User /Domain, i can extract the last login information, but instead of 10 seconds, i need 10 minutes. Obviously, i want something faster.

Here is the code i use:

  LI: OleVariant;
  int64Value: Int64;
  LocalTime: TFileTime;
  SystemTime: TSystemTime;
  FileTime : TFileTime;
    LI := rs.Fields[FieldNumber].Value;
    int64Value := LI.HighPart;
    int64Value := int64Value shl 32;
    int64Value := int64Value or LI.LowPart;
    FileTime := TFileTime(int64Value);
    Result := EncodeDate(1601,1,1);
    if FileTimeToLocalFileTime(FileTime, LocalTime) then
      if FileTimeToSystemTime(LocalTime, SystemTime) then
        Result := SystemTimeToDateTime(SystemTime);
    Result := 0;

The above works, but only in about 40 - 45% of the cases. Either the value is not returned by AD or there is something wrong in the conversion. i do not know which of those it is. Since some part of it works, i am inclined to say AD does not return me the values i need. When i check directly in AD, i see the correct value. Retreiving them with a query does not allways give me this information. The problem for me is, i took this piece of code from the internet and honestly i understand a little but not everything. I get lost with the numbers i can't see. Futhermore, debugging everything is not possible for me. I am not allowed to install Delphi at my work. I can only develop on a computer that is not connected to the network and copy my executable to the network to try/test everything.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Without knowing the actual value that rs.Fields[FieldNumber].Value is actually returning, it is hard to diagnose this kind of problem. But one thing you should do is make sure the returned OleVariant is not empty before you process its value. You are not doing that in the code you showed. –  Remy Lebeau Jul 17 '13 at 20:00
rs.Fields[FieldNumber].Value returns the value that is read from the AD with the name: LastLogon It is run in a loop for every account once. –  Anomander Jul 18 '13 at 7:31
Problem solved. int64Value := int64Value or LI.LowPart; was the problem. In some cases (50%) the result value of this line is a negative value. If i omit this line, everything works fine. –  Anomander Jul 18 '13 at 9:25

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