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I'm looking to customise our eBay listings HTML. What I'd like to do is link to some of our own eBay categories, eBay custom pages, and our eBay store front.

Obviously I can just create a standard HTML anchor, but I need to drop in some eBay custom tags if they have them. I need:

  • Our shop URL
  • Our category URL
  • Our custom pages URL

We have over 8,000 listings, and if we change the name of our store, or the name of a category (or if eBay change their URL structure), I don't want to have to update all 8,000 again because my HTML links are suddenly wrong. I need to do something like:

<a href="{CategoryURL ID=123}">Category</a>


<a href="{StoreURL}">Store Home</a>

This way, if a name changes the URL's will too.

I have found these pages:

...but they don't include any URL's.

Is this possible..??

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It is possible using the HTML Builder: enter image description here

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