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I recently started setting up a new Eclipse Workspace for a new project I am working on. It requires checking out from a variety of CVS repositories, including setting up a lot of external jars, dependencies, and build paths. Apparently this is relatively common [and long] tasks for new employees or managing code changes and I was wondering if their was some kind of eclipse scripting interface so I can design a script that automates tasks like CVS checkout and set up dependencies?

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Have you considered using Maven in conjunction with Eclipse? –  Olaf Jul 17 '13 at 15:19

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Did you check Project set files provided by the team plug ins

Check this http://wiki.eclipse.org/PSF

You can create your own PSF for your workspace and have it set up quickly

cheers, Saurav

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You can find an overview of Scripting Tools/Plugins in the eclipse wiki.

To save RampUpTime for new employees you could also:

  • File -> Import -> Install Software Items from File for a base-setup of plugins.
  • Share your perferences with File -> Import -> Remote Preferences
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I have created a Vagrant project that does exactly this for WSO2 Products.

The vagrant project is: here

The eclipse application setup script is: here

The workspace setup script is: here

Currently, it imports all the projects, but doesn't yet build the workspace automatically - that is my next goal.


Kudos to spektom and the answer here that made it all possible.

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