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I am currently using NSXMLParser mathods to parse my data something like this : But I found some good option as TouchXML .

I googled for some good example or tutorial

But I can't understand the XPathquery format and the parsing loops as done in this example

or this question

I just want to know how to parse a simple xml document like this :


so can anyone give me example code or a link will also be useful.

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The coolest part of using TouchXML is that you can use the Apple documentation for NSXML and simply replace the NS with C. So an NSXMLDocument is a CXMLDocument and an NSXMLNode is a CXMLNode, and so on. Just look at the Tree-Based XML Programming Guide from Apple for sample code and you should get a pretty good idea of how to use TouchXML with your XML documents. The section Querying an XML Document should give you what you need to use XPath effectively.

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