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I'm pretty new to angular js but it seems like my simple code should work. Here is the html:

    <body ng-app="MyHomepage">
    <div ng-controller="RedditLoad">
            <li ng-repeat="article in a">

and here is my angualr_app.js:

    var App = angular.module('MyHomepage', [])
    function RedditLoad($scope){
        $.getJSON("http://www.reddit.com/.json?jsonp=?", function(data) {
            var data_array = []; 
            $.each(data.data.children, function(i,item){
           $scope.a = data_array;

What am I doing wrong? console.log(data_array); is showing the correct values but the data wont seem to get passed to the template.

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The getJSON callback isn't executed in the angular context so angular doesn't know about your changes and won't refresh the bindings. When code is called from an external source (like a jQuery event ), you have to encapsulate your scope changes in an $apply call:

    $scope.a = data_array;
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Thank you. That explains alot. This fixed the issue. –  user2295420 Jul 17 '13 at 15:57
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