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Using jQuery 1.9.1 & jqGrid 4.5.2 in a web page that queries a SQL database & displays grids in a main (parent) page, or if there is data on a second table, to display those in a jqGrid on another page that is called via window.open from the main/parent page. The items in the child/popup page are also in a jqGrid that uses a custom formatter to show each row, and (in this case) a dropdown box on that row.

In Firefox, the page works pretty much as desired. However, I also have to make it work in IE8 & have a couple of nagging problems making it perform the same way. Following is the code in my main/parent page that listens for the child/popup page to be closed/created/focused.

function newin(url, options) {
    popWin = window.open(url,"popPage",options,true);
    // set timer to close window after 3 minutes
    autoClosePopup = setTimeout("popWin.close();", 180000);  
    if (popWin) { // null if not created
        if (popWin.addEventListener) { // for FF & IE9
        else { // for IE8
            popWin.attachEvent("onunload",nowin );
        } // if popWin
    } //newin

function nowin() {
    if ((popWin == null) || (popWin.closed)) {
        gridCall(ID, stopTimeString, stopDateString );
        if (checkCount == "0")  {
            var kickoffInterval;
            kickoffInterval = setTimeout(restartInt, 5);
    else {
        if (popWin) {
        else {
            var focustimer = setTimeout(function() { popWin.focus();  }, 100);
        nowinTimeout = setTimeout(nowin, 5000);
    }// nowin

The focus works okay in Firefox, but not in IE8. So, to get that to work, I put a <body onBlur="self.focus();"> in the child/popup page. Doing so forced IE8 to work, but it also made it a requirement that the dropdown box in the child/popup page now had to be double-clicked to open (not acceptable).

To get around that issue, I changed the <body> to be <body onBlur="initSelfClose();"> and created the function for it.

function initSelfClose() {
    focusClosePopup = setTimeout("self.close();",20000);

My thought was that closing or minimizing the child/popup window would make it close itself and the gridCall function would make it check for records to show in a new child/popup.

It works, but also has issues. Since the body has the onBlur any click on a dropdown inside the child/popup window also kicks off the initSelfClose function. This is not what is wanted - if the dropdown is open, any timer should be cleared.

I must use IE8, and can use Firefox for some testing/debugging. I cannot use a Dialog box. Also, closing the child window should make it reload. Minimizing it should make it regain focus (I want to prevent the child/popup page from getting behind the main page).

I'd appreciate any ideas/suggestions or corrections to the code I've posted that would help me resolve the IE8 issues I'm having. I'll be glad to post any code for the jqGrid custom formatter or other as would be helpful.


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