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In vim, I am viewing a file, and then opened a temporary file and did some modification, then I want to get back to the original file. I typed ctrl-o, but then I got E37: No write since last change (add ! to override)

How can I exit temporary modified file without saving and jump back to my previous viewing place?

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By turning on 'hidden' you can jump between unsaved buffers without the E37 error messages. Don't worry vim will stop you from exiting without saving your changes unless you use something like :q!.

set hidden

See :h 'hidden' for more information.

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From vim wiki,

You can set the following options to create a scratch (temporary) buffer:

:set buftype=nofile
:set bufhidden=hide
:setlocal noswapfile

With these settings, you can switch out of the temp buffer without requiring a write.

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If you're looking for a solution specifically for temporary files then A.E Drew's answer is correct.

If you're looking for a general solution to "How do I switch to a different buffer without saving changes in the current buffer?" Then just set hidden in your .vimrc.

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